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     How to Start Making Money Online?

Make Money as a Good Storybooks Affiliate . . .

Thanks to the Internet, there are many ways to promote Good Storybooks and earn money as a Good Storybooks affiliate. Following are some of the best ways to promote Good Storybooks as an affiliate…

But don’t forget, one of the easiest ways to start promoting Good Storybooks as an affiliate is to simply place Good Storybooks links on your websites, blogs, articles, newsletters, emails, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media and all communications you have with your clients and prospects. Make sure you include your special affiliate link that contains your Clickbank Nickname. (If you don’t have an affiliate link, read the instructions about Clickbank and Hoplinks below. Make sure that every time you list Good that the link is written correctly as your affiliate link.

1) Use my Good Storybooks articles to pre-sell the readers of your website, e-zine, or blog. You can use as many of the Free Good Storybooks articles as you want to pre-sell your audience. These are yours Free in my book entitled: Read2011. Click here to get your free pdf copy. Not only can you include the articles in your newsletters, but you are also free to post the content on your website and in your blog. We’ll be adding hundreds of additional information pieces and news stories about reading for fun by youth. We will also include the benefits of Good Storybooks as well as instructional reading materials and tips to help educate your readers on better ways to help kids read better and love it as not only a way to gain information but as a good source of entertainment. What kids love they willingly do.

You can use all of this content for free, but be sure to include your affiliate link at the end of the article and throughout the content.

One of the most important places to include your affiliate link is at the end of the article in the byline or resource info. Each article should include this, so that the reader knows who wrote the article (plus it allows you to add a little sales pitch).


Resource Info:


Joycebelle has experienced a long and most delightful career as an educator. She is a publisher and producer of business books, an out-of-the-box idea consultant to NY Times bestselling authors, and a coach to thousands of authors (children and adults) in writing, publishing and marketing. Her innovative thinking gives authentic childlikeness to her 17 children’s books which she has packaged so children fall in love, not only with her stories and activities related to them, but with reading itself. She makes reading fun in every aspect of the word by publishing children’s books as Talking, Animated, Picture eStorybooks in three classifications: fairy tales, fun word books and real life adventures.

Additional Information about Joycebelle . . .

Founder: and the forthcoming -

Author: Love Your Beauty, Freedom Forever, Raefon in the Land of WOW! and many "Funtastic" E-books for children. Author of the GoodStorybooks which is a collection of Talking Animated Picture Electronic Storybooks designed to promote the love of reading, great family time, and as a fundraiser to help children everywhere in the world.

Publisher and Producer:
Mastermind Your Way to Millions by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen, Infopreneuring course materials by Robert Allen, and over 500 information products by various professionals in banking, job search, incorporating, licensing, underwater photography, and marketing. Joycebelle is founder of GoodStoryADay, which publishes books, magazines, newspapers, educational materials, courses, newsletters, E-zines and produces children's theater, videos, audios, CDs, DVDs, films and websites.

Each year Joycebelle teaches hundreds of aspiring authors how to create and market their information products in classes taught by New York Times bestseller and millionaire-maker Robert G. Allen (author of the all-time best selling financial book, Nothing Down) and Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup for the Soul™ fame), co-authors of their most recent bestsellers, The One Minute Millionaire and Cracking the Millionaire Code.

Joycebelle is also a speaker, storyteller, poet, artist, musician, composer, naturalist, and underwater explorer, model, and photographer.
Two of her stories are published in Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover's Soul, and numerous others have appeared in National Geographic, World, National and International Wildlife, Ranger Rick's, Oceans, Sea World Magazine, LA Times, Miami Herald, Saturday Evening Post, Smithsonian, Skin Diver, and many more worldwide. She has appeared on primetime national television and lectured throughout the world. She created an information empire in the underwater photography market, giving seminars, underwater film festivals, courses of instruction, and much more.

Naturalist: Joycebelle's love of adventure drew her to the ocean to photograph and write about the wonderful life there: sea otters, manatees, dolphins, whales, giant octopus, and many more underwater critters. She dove with the greats in the underwater world, Captain Jacques Yves and Philippe Cousteau, Lloyd, Beau, and Jeff Bridges, Ron Church—her late husband, a noted underwater photographer—and many others.

Education: Joycebelle attended a one-room country school in Michigan (Hunter School K-8) and Clarkston High School where she earned a full scholarship for college. She obtained her BS degree and teaching certification at Eastern Michigan University, and did graduate work at San Diego State University and the University of California at San Diego.

Mother: Acclaimed by her readers as the Goodness-Maker, Joycebelle is foremost a mother of two wonderful, loving adult children, Joy and Erik. The three have become best friends and enjoy traveling, surfing, skin diving, skiing, reading, watching movies, going to the theater, singing, playing music, laughing, walking, talking, and working together. Joycebelle's Number One occupation is being a mom. As she says, "Parenting is the most remarkable of all jobs in the world and is the greatest gift to humanity. And the best part of it all is telling stories to them.) See for more information.

2) Use Images (banner ads, logos and book covers). Put the Good Storybooks banners, book covers and other graphics on your website. A picture of an e-book cover can significantly increase sales and click through rates. There are plenty of covers, banners and logos in the affiliate tools section. Remember - when you use the graphics, make sure that your affiliate code is correctly included in the graphic’s HTML code – that way you’ll be sure to get credited for the sale. Your click through and conversion rates should jump when you use the graphics, and especially when you combine the graphics with a pre-sell article or review.

3) Write a book review. After you and your children have read the good storybooks, write your own "book reviews" (in your own words and those of your children) explaining what you liked about the books and why others like you should get the good storybooks. A sincere review is most effective.

4) Write about your Child’s Reading Success Story and endorse the books (one or all). Success stories are an incredibly powerful tool to motivate your readers to purchase the same things that worked for you. Put together a testimonial or success story, including specific things that your children liked and photos, if possible. You can put this in your blog, on your own website, or in your other publications and social media.  (It’s best to do all!). Again, a sincere endorsement and a lot of details in your success story will help you make the most sales. Take a video of your child reading along with the author and post it on YouTube.

5) Send a solo promotional email to your email list.
The best way to capture your list’s attention is to dedicate an entire email to promoting Good Storybooks. However, you can only do this if you have an opt-in email list. Send a solo email containing what you think is the best Good Storybooks article (or your review – this would work incredibly well) and include selected information from the Resource Box (above) at the end of the article. Insert your affiliate link throughout the article where appropriate. Use articles from Read 2011 or from the email samples provided on this website.

And one thing to remember; when it comes to Internet Marketing, your list is the key to your success. Build your newsletter list by placing an opt-in form on your website. So even if you don’t have a product of your own, you can still make money with your own website and email newsletter list.

6) Create a Blog.
Write about Good Storybooks in your blog. Include your Clickbank Hoplink in the promotional link. Again, use materials from Read 2011 and the email samples. Also, preview a story each day. Readers will become intrigued and want to know more and buy.

7) Put Good Storybooks Ads in your e-zine.
You can use selected text in the Resource Box to introduce your readers to Good Storybooks, or you can include the e-book covers and banner ads, or you might list as a sponsor. You can also write your own ads or use any of the ads in the Good Storybooks affiliate section. You can place the ads at any place in your newsletter.

Don’t forget, you don’t need to have a product of your own to make money on the Internet. Just use our affiliate tools and content and you can start earning money as a Good Storybooks affiliate today!


Contact me if you have any questions about the Good Storybooks affiliate marketing system.  


Much Success,






Good Storybooks

Clickbank Sign Up Instructions


Clickbank is the 3rd party company that handles the processing of our credit card transactions as well as the affiliate program tracking. (All commission checks are mailed out directly from Clickbank). In order to promote the Good Storybooks eProducts, you must first become a Clickbank affiliate.

If you're not yet signed up at Clickbank, (it's free), then setting up your Clickbank account is the very first step. Simply click on the link below that says, “Clickbank Signup” and a new window will open that takes you to the signup form.

On the Clickbank Signup Page, you can fill in your personal details and pick your own special Clickbank account name (also called a Clickbank “Nickname”). This is your code word you will use for all your Clickbank activities.
Click to sign up for you Clickbank account and get your Nickname:

After you've set up your Clickbank account, then you're ready to start promoting the eProducts through your special affiliate Hoplinks. (See information below.) When someone purchases after coming through your link, you receive 50% commission on each sale.





Good Storybooks Affiliate Hoplink Instructions

Once you have signed up at Clickbank for an affiliate account, then you are ready to start promoting and marketing the eProducts which offers.

Marketing the Good Storybooks eProducts is simple. All you do is put special links on your web pages or in your newsletters and other communications to send traffic to the website. These links are called "CLICKBANK HOPLINKS" and they are important because this is how Clickbank keeps track of the traffic you send to and gives you credit for the sales you generate.

So the very first step after you have signed up for your Clickbank account is to understand how to make a Hoplink. Keep in mind, if you make your link incorrectly, that is kind of like putting an ad in the yellow pages and using the wrong phone number! (YOU are responsible to make sure your Hoplinks are coded correctly.)

Here is how to correctly make your Hoplink:

The current standard Clickbank hoplink format is:

goodstory1 is the vendor (product) name, so that looks like this:

So now, all you have to do is insert YOUR Clickbank Nickname in the place where the X's are located.

For example, if your Nickname is maryjane (note: use YOUR nickname, this is just an example!), then the Hoplink would look like this:

That's all there is to it. When someone clicks through YOUR Hoplink, they are redirected to
and a "cookie" (a small tracking file) is dropped onto the computer of the visitor. This "marks" that visitor as coming from your referral.

Clickbank uses 60 day cookies, so that means if the people you send to purchase that day or if they return and buy any time within the next 60 days, you will get the commission for the sale (currently 50% commission rate of net sale, or nearly $9.00, U.S.).

If you have any questions about making Hoplinks, whatsoever, please CONTACT ME any time!


Best in All ways.




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