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   What people are saying about these read-for-fun books and Joycebelle . . .

                         “A Bundle of Good Story Fun for Kids and the Entire Family!”

       “The animation is on the words, not just the action, so children pay attention to the words.”

                "Families love the action, imagination, story, and goodness each story depicts.
“A PERFECT Gift with Something for Everyone”

Guaranteed to Delight: “This year’s Good Storybook Special by Joycebelle is a bundle of good story fun for kids and the entire family. And what’s most important—it is guaranteed to please even the most discriminating kid, mom, and dad.” ~ Bonnie Best, Author, Entrepreneur and Mom

"Joycebelle is a remarkable storyteller. Her books and audio talking books depict her real love for children. It is great to watch my children listen, look, read-a-long and color the pictures that are in the stories." ~
 Fichtner's Family - Prague, The Czech Republic

“My son, Orion, (age 4) loves Joycebelle’s storybook, Our Little Caterpillar’s Million-dollar Dream. After we read it, he ran around the house saying, ‘I’ve got my Million-dollar Dream. I’ve got my Million-dollar Dream.’ He felt very inspired. Lucky Mike, author of Extreme Adventurer and author of Dancing on Raindrops.” ~ Lucky Mike and Orion - South Africa
“Joycebelle is the greatest writer in the world. I love to read, look, listen and color her books with my little brother and sister. They make us feel good.” ~ Cassie Hardy’s Grandchildren - Georgia USA

“At eight Jake was a TV junkie. His schoolwork was abominable. I was desperate until I found these really FUN . . .
 Talking Animated Picture eVideo Storybooks.  He instantly fell in love with them and  started reading them on the computer every night. Now, he rarely turns on TV, reads for fun, is doing great in school, and is like a different person. Have hope! If this can happen in my house, it can happen anywhere.”  ~ Jake’s mom, Fairfax, VA

“After reading the first talking animated storybook,
my non-reader, asked for additional ones, and after we read only seven more of them, my non-reading five-year-old became a non-stop reader and loves it!” ~ Mother of Barbara Ann, Lake Arrowhead, CA

“Yes, READ2012. Catch The Happy Habit. Feel the Joy!
as we did in our family. By reading Talking Animated Picture Electronic Storybooks every night, we put an end to non-readers, slow readers, intimidated readers, and readers who dreaded reading. In just two short weeks ‘reading for fun’ in our home became a Happy Habit. Now, I thoroughly enjoy my children who are . . . readers who love to read, who read for fun, who have become good readers, and who turn on TV and electronics less and less.” ~ Martha, mother of 8 children under age 11. Salt Lake City, UT

“Joycebelle, you certainly have the soul of a poet . . .  well written, moving.” ~ Richard Paul Evens, Bestselling Author of 14 books and the #1 bestselling author of Christmas novels including world renowned, The Christmas Box.

“Hi, Joyce.  Your storybooks you sent me are really very, very good . . . kids will love them!”  Bob  ~ Robert G. Allen, All time bestselling author of financial books including Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income, The One Minute Millionaire, Cracking the Millionaire Code.

“Joycebelle is a precious gift to the universe. She understands children as few do. Her brilliantly fertile imagination creates an endless supply of outrageously Good Stories that make your heart sing. She delights in guiding children in delicious flights of fantasy for the good of their worlds. I have bicycled around the world, lived with the Peace Corps in Borneo and worked in medical centers and universities across the nation. Joycebelle is at the top of my list of generous and wonderful mentors.” Joyce Shaffer, PhD, Psychologist, Nurse, Speaker, Bicyclist and Author of Ideal Aging™: 7 Steps to Keep Your Brain Fit. (Scalpers have found over 100% profit in used copies of this collector’s item!) www.IdealAging.com ~
Joyce Shaffer, PhD - Seattle, Washington, USA

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